Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7th Hootenanniversary, Sunday 2/21/10 2 pm

The SoBo Hootenanny was born in the February blizzard of '03 (a biggy in it's time, but with the current weather, pales by comparison!). A bunch of neighbors trudged thru the snow with their instruments to a corner bar that no longer exists, Cox's Pub, and set about having a whopping good time, singing and playing. It was so much fun, they decided to do it on a regular basis, making it open to any & all who wanted to play, sing along or just listen.

Times have changed on Fort Ave. Ellen, our gracious original host at Cox's, sold the bar. The brother & sister team of Ivars & Mara bought Capt. Larry's, down the street, & that has become our new home. A congenial, music loving, kid friendly atmosphere with good whiskey & a great bartender (Tom!) makes it a good fit.

Mara has planned a tasty "late lunch" buffet menu for this event for a mere $5/person! So come, bring your acoustic instument & help us celebrate 7 years of pickin' & singin'!

601 E. Fort Ave.
Be there!